What you Need to Know about AIA Public Takaful


AIA Public Takaful provides Shariah-compliant insurance products for its Muslim and other interested clients. It was formed as a joint venture of AIA Co Ltd(AIA), Public Bank Berhad(PBB), and Public Islamic Berhad on March 2011.

The company distributes its family Takaful products in Malaysia through its 17,000 insurance agents (known as Life Planners) and also through Public Bank’s branches.

It offers protection, savings, education, and investment Takaful products, and also provides investment advisory and wealth management services.

What is Takaful and how does it Work?

Takaful is a type of Islamic insurance where members contribute money into a mutual pool system so as to protect each other against loss or damages. Takaful insurance products were introduced as an option to commercial insurance which was seen to infringe on Islamic principles that are against interests, and gambling.

The Takaful fund is operated and managed by a Takaful operator on behalf of the participants and charges a set fee for operation costs. The claims from the participants are paid from the Takaful fund and the surplus is determined and declared once a year by the Takaful Operator. If there is any surplus left after all the costs have been deducted, it is then shared between the Takaful Operator and the eligible participants at 50:50 ratio. Each participant will get the share in accordance with their actual Tabarru allocation.

AIA Public Takaful Products

  • Life Protection
  • Medical Protection
  • Critical Illness Protection
  • Savings and Investment
  • Accident Protection

Life Protection Takaful

There are a number of life protection takaful products that are designed to fit different individual clients. The plans vary in terms of the coverage period, entry age, protection level, and benefits. The various Life protection options at AIA Public Takaful include:

A-Life Fleksi which allows you to protect your loved ones and invest at the same time. With this plan, you will get protection on death and Total and Permanent Disablement and also invest to grow your money at the same time.

 A-Life Signature-i&A-Life Signature-i PlusOne is also flexible investment-linked plans that allow you to protect the lifestyle of your loved ones when you are no longer there. Your family gets a payout of 200% of your coverage amount if you die from an accident or 300% if the accident happens in public transportation.

A-Plus Payor i & A-Plus PayorCI-i, ensure that your children are well taken care of when you are no longer around. It covers children of up to 25 years and makes sure that their future is protected in case you die or suffer a critical illness.

A-Plus Disability Cash-i offers you protection if you are unable to work due to a disability. If you become totally and permanently disabled before the age of 70 years, you will receive an annual payment up until you reach 75 years.

A-LifeLink-i also offers a flexible investment-linked plan that allows you to invest and protect your loved ones at the same time.

A-Plus Hajj is a uniquely designed add-on plan meant to complement the A-LifeLink-i Plan. It offers you protection should anything happen to you during your Hajj or Umrah.

A-Life Kasih Famili is a plan that is designed to protect the needs of your family who will receive the basic coverage amount if you pass away.

AIA i-Starter Plan is a simple one year plan that provides financial security to your family in case of your demise. It is available to anyone between the ages of 16- 55 years. You can choose a coverage option from RM10, 000 to RM30, 000. Your loved ones will get 100% of the coverage amount if you pass away during the certificate’s term.

Medical Protection Takaful

AIA has various options of medical takaful products that their client can choose from depending on their needs. These include:

A-Plus Health-i which is a comprehensive medical plan that provides you with coverage up until you reach the age of 100 years. The plan will also reward you for staying healthy.

A-Life Medik Famili takes care of you and your family’s medical needs and there is no limit on how much you can claim each year and in a lifetime.

A-Plus Med-i is a comprehensive medical plan that has an increasing annual limit. It offers you lifelong protection up to the age of 100 years.

A-Plus Med Booster-i complements A-Plus Med-i to increase your medical level coverage and help you cope with the ever-increasing medical costs.

A-Plus Hospital Income Extra-i provides you with a daily income while you are hospitalized due to an injury or an illness.

A-Plus Baby Care-i is an optional rider that you can use to increase protection during pregnancy and the baby’s early years. The plan covers the baby until the age of 5 years.

Critical Illness Takaful Protection

Under Critical illness protection, AIA Public Takaful offers several plans which include:

A-Life Cancer360-i which offers complete cancer protection from early to advanced stages. It provides coverage up to when you are 80 years old.

A-Plus Critical Care-i provides financial support for you and your loved ones while you are undergoing treatment.

A-Life Lady360-i is a comprehensive plan designed to provide protection for women.

A Plus Waiver-i ensures you enjoy the protection of your Takaful certificate without making any further contribution if you get diagnosed with a critical illness.

A-Plus Junior Critical Care-i offers you financial support coverage if your child gets diagnosed with a juvenile-specific critical illness

A-Plus Venuz-i &A-Plus Venuz Extra-i provides coverage for women. It offers financial support that you need if you get diagnosed with a critical illness. A-Plus Venuz Extra-i offers more coverage during pregnancy.

Savings and Investments Takaful

AIA Public Takaful only offers one option in their savings and Investments plan. A- EnrichGold-i plan is a short-pay savings plan that offers takaful coverage and provides potential growth to your investment. The entry age of this product is 14 days to 65 years and the coverage is of up to 35 years. With this product, you can choose the payment terms that you are comfortable with e.g. pay for 10 years to get 25 years protection or you can pay for 20 years to get 30 years of protection.

Accident Protection Takaful

When it comes to protection against accidents, AIA Public Takaful offers a product called A-Plus Accident Shield-i & A-Plus Total Accident Shield-i that are designed to boost your coverage against accidents. These products cover you until you are 70 years and allow the entry age of 16-60 years of age. The benefits to be enjoyed through this product include Accidental Death Benefit, Accidental Dismemberment Benefit, Total and Permanent Disability Benefit. A-Plus Total Accident Shield-i will also offer you some weekly allowances if you suffer from a temporary disability.

How to Make a Claim

To make a claim, you can download the claim form on AIA website aia.com.my. Complete filling the form, and make sure that you include your bank information, which is where you approved claim will be deposited via e-payment. Submit the claim form and supporting documents at any of AIA Customer Centers.

You can follow up on your claim progress by visiting any of their customer support centers or by registering as a user of AIA customer portal MY AIA.


If you want to protect your family and yourself against life’s uncertainties but you are not comfortable with normal insurance, you have an option of shariah law compliant takaful products that you can choose from. These products are not only reserved for Muslim clients but are available to anyone interested.

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